Natural Unakite Semi Precious Gemstone Angel Figurine 2" Long

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Sculpted figurine guardian angel with unaltered natural semi precious gemstone Unakite by artisans from India since time immemorial - Indus Valley Civilization. Can be used a pocket charm, home decoration or an invaluable gift for someone you love. Fair priced genuine item made by artisans with love and labor.
Comes with printed leaflet - ancient perennial wisdom not found elsewhere to best use your charm for creating positive vibes, overall health, wellness and prosperity. Not an over statement but your own experience will be be the litmus test.

Standing Length : 5 cm
Width                  : 3 cm
Thickness            : 1 cm

These are individually crafted from unaltered Natural Stone and no 2 pieces are exactly the same so please allow very slight variations in color hues and  measure up to 2 mm