Unique Handmade Coin Belt| Tribal Fusion Belly dance Belt| Festival Belt| Gypsy Belt| Boho Belt| Belly dance hip scarf Belt| Kuchi Belt

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Cool fringe belt to accessorize your costume for any special occasion. Designer handmade item for less. Made using traditional art of jewelry making in India which has been taken over by machines and mass replicated worldwide. We like it the way we do and continue to churn out new designs on a continual basis so that we can connect with you in a more meaningful way. The vibes generated from real handmade items is definitely felt upon using them. Pure ingredients - all metal - brass - steel - keep oneself  tuned with nature.

LENGTH WITHOUT TIES ~ 31 INCHES (Crafted Length)+(ties at ends to fit all waist sizes)

BREADTH ~ 10.5 INCHES to the lowest dangling point

WEIGHT ~ 300 Gms