Accessorize your Looks for Festivals 2018

Creative Accessories for Festivals-Your Style

Summer festival season kick stats soon with Coachella lined up on april 13th 2018.
Be an early bird to receive your merchandise in a timely manner. Shop from a wide collection of boho chic, free spirit,bohemian gypsy style- chain belts,necklace chokers and embroidered shoulder clutches. Lots of inventory is in process and lined up to be listed at the site. All handcrafted to spread loving vibes of beauty,elegance and connectivity with Nature. We dare you to be your own stylist - no better than to experience yourself.

Chain belts and necklaces come with adjustable chain or cord extenders depending upon the design and making process - can be customized to your liking. Please do not hesitate to challenge us with your requests and we humbly promise to deliver on time. Write draw speak whatever is best to communicate. Will always be there to serve you.

We have always followed our heart since we began our endeavor 18 years ago and have striven for the joy of our shoppers in receiving what what was paid for with ultimate satisfaction.
In our Life Journey we have experienced that creative expressions and arts are a collective repository and so have have never tried or aspired to brand building but in all humility want you yourselves to be Style ambassadors, less the tags of alter egos.

Our pricing is fair with slender margins and have always worked this way without being out of business. Will surprise with extras and freebies whatever can be afforded without pain with all orders. We do not want to accumulate and then share. All thoughts-ideas-resolutions must be acted upon instantly for the Karmic domino to build up fruitfully for the future without any yearnings. We do not believe but have always experienced our success in the eyes of our buyers and collaborators and wish the same to you in all your endeavors.
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Welcome to our new look store

Handmade jewelry and fashion accessories with love and labor

This is my first post after switching to a new look website leaving the technicalities behind to connect and share with our valued customers more often on a continuous basis for suggestions and improvements.
Welcome on board for all your styling needs. Shop from a wide collection of authentic handmade items from india with pure ingredients for less for your aesthetic needs and gifts for your loved ones. New items added on a continuous basis.

Real handmade with most or major components created or hand altered individually have a different feel which can be experienced and cannot be described, can be easily discerned from machine mass produced replicas without any knowledge of processes by anyone. Also the confidence and vibes generated upon using handmade are very different and can be felt - not an exaggeration.

All designing and creating is done in house in our workshop. So feel free to ask for customization's which will be adhered to quickly and implemented in a timely manner with minimal or no additional costs like adjustable extenders as cords or chains and color of stones crystals beads.

We are already selling wholesale and have also introduced custom design items by collaborating with designers and sellers with an exclusivity clause. We have all our tax credentials and business regulations in order- no worries.

Happy shopping - in all humility we will always appreciate the gesture.
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